4EN is ENvironmental restoration ENrich the soil microbe strENgthen CCUS social ENterprise

4EN is a social impact company that solves various environmental problems facing the global society with sustainable and innovative business ideas, such as reducing greenhouse gases and treating agricultural by-products.

4EN is creating new value by upcycling agricultural by-products collected from coffee and peanuts and processing them into soil fuels, organic fertilizers, and bioplastics. In addition, 4EN is taking the lead in reducing greehouse gases by utilizing upcycling products and reduction technologies.

Based on these technologies and business know-hows, 4EN intends to be the largest greenhouse gas reduction initiative in Asia.

Who is 4EN

4EN. Ltd. creates sustainble environmental values via the development of alternative fossil fuels and quantification of greenhouse gas reduction. 4EN is focusing on the commercialization of BECCS/CCU technology for biomass and waste resources, which are discarded from agricultural fields and discharged from industrial activities, respectively.

BECCS : Biomass Energy Carbon Capture and Storage

BECCU : Biomass Energy Carbon Capture and Utilization Pyrolysis.

Based on the development of BECCS/CCU technology and construction methods, 4EN will replace existing fossil fuels, synthetic resins, and chemical fertilizers, thereby contributing to the response to Global Warming 1.5 °C.

4EN's History

4EN started as a soil ecological restoration company in 2011,

Currently, 4EN has become a social impact company contributing not only to soil restoration, but also to reduce green house gases.


Selected as SK Impact Unicorn

Final selection as SK Impact Unicorn

MOU with Seongdong-gu

Signed MOU with Seongdong-gu Office

Head office relocation

Relocation to Seongsu office


Investment Attraction

SK Energy, Shinhan Alternative Investment Management

MOU for coffee ground recycling business

Ministry of Environment(Korea), Incheon-si, etc

Establishment of a Corporation in Myanmar



Korea International Cooperation Agency


Contract of coffee ground disposal

Starbucks Korea

emart started selling coffee charcoal


Emission trading

Methology of external business

Public Procurement Service(Korea)

Collaboration approval


Green Certification

ROTO® MIX / Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs(Korea)

ISO 9001 Certification

Korean Foundation for Quality

Contract of coffee ground disposal

Maeil Dairies


Selected as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise

Ministry of SMEs and Startups in Seoul

Permission for waste disposal business

Bucheon-si, Korea

Received Green Certification

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs(Korea)


Green Technology

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs(Korea)

Designated as Military Service Exception Company

Military Manpower Administration(Korea)

Registered as Fertilizer Production Business

Bucheon-si (Korea)


Disclosure of organic material

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs(Korea)

Registered a plant in Bucheon

Bucheon-si (Korea)


Recognized as a R&D Center

Korea International Cooperation Agency


Certified as a venture company (VENTURE IN)

Korea Technology Finance Corporation

Founded 4EN Inc.


4EN's Team

Head Office
  • Myanmar Office : Level7, Juction City Tower, No.3/A, Aung San Road & 27th Street, Pabedan Township, Yangon

  • Myanmar Factory : Lot No. 123, Block No.12th Industrial Zone, 36th Vilage, Ye Nan Chaung Township, Magway District

  • [email protected]