Supports precision farming with Soil conditioner Organic fertilizer Soil Diagnostic Kit .

4EN maximises the production by customized management of drops based on monitoring, measurement, and analysis by unit lot or crop. 4EN also minimizes waste and environmental impact to improve financial feasibility of farms. 4EN provides soil conditioners, organic fertilizers, and soil diagnostic kits for precision farming.

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The final goal of 4EN's precision farming service is

to establish the most efficient products and services that result the highest benefits to farm households and reduce GHG emissions. Those will be done by improving agricultural productivity and using eco-friendly fertilizers through convergence between agriculture and ICT.

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Perfect soil conditioner ROTO Mix

ROTO Mix, as soil restoration and culture soil, is the perfect soil solution in agricultural and horticultural fields for professional and home use. ROTO mix is a clean and safe green technology certified product, specialized in reducing GHGs and heavy metals helping stabilize ecological quality for a long time using plant symbiotic bacteria. In addition, ROTO Mix has a function of improving soil quality including physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil.

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Biochar-based Organic Fertilizer

4EN Inc. received excellent evaluation for conducting the advanced production technology project of organic fertilizers applying biochar from 2015 to 2018. In 2018, 4EN developed a new fertilizer using coffee grounds from Starbucks and delivered to Pyeongtaek Farming ASsociation and Jeju Olle Road. In 2020, 4EN is conducting a folow-up project from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for commercializing organic fertilizers containing biochar and coffee ground.

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Quick and EasySoil Diagnostic Kit

Prevalent soil analysis and diagnosis is cost ineffective and takes long, making it easy to miss the time of fertilizing treatment. 4EN is developing an APP with soil analysis kit, fertilization prescription, and fertilizer recommendation for the expansion of domestic precision agricultural technology, limited to greenhouse cultivation.

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4EN has completed Green Technology ISO 9001 GT Product certification

4EN Inc. is conducting green technology product certification and patent registration for our own technology and products. Based on this, 4EN is providing certified products and serices to customers.

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